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6 Reasons Bringing Beer to Front of Store Grows Your Business

1 - Beer drives trips to the c-store. 1

Beer is one of the biggest reasons people come into c-stores. Make sure you’ve got it visible and in-stock for shoppers.



2 - Beer brings in bigger basket rings.2

The more you can increase basket sizes, the better, right?  In a shopper study, nearly half of shoppers impulsively purchased both beer and prepared foods when they had only planned on purchasing one or the other.



3 - The faster a shopper finds the beer, the more money you make. 3

Do you remember the TV show “Supermarket Sweep”? The beer shopper plays a version of that when they walk in. If they find what they’re looking for in 10 seconds, they’re more likely to buy additional items, growing basket size and making more more money.



4 - Singles are what shoppers seek. 4

Singles not only account for 55 percent of beer transactions in c-stores, they’re the most profitable pack, averaging a 30 percent margin. Featuring singles in front-of-store coolers is the best way to boost sales and profitability.



5 - C-stores are losing out on $55 million in singles trips every year. 5

These shoppers are already visiting c-stores and purchasing singles. But they’re also buying singles outside of c-stores. Bringing beer to the front of the store helps keep singles purchases in your stores.



6 - Bringing beer to the front of store works. Here’s proof:

A skeptical retailer installed this front-of-store cooler as a test. And they grew their business. On average, stores that brought in front-of-store coolers for 6-month trials grew their total beverage category sales by 14 percent.6 As a bonus, stores that brought beer to the front of the store were able to grow the entire beverage category.

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About The Building with Beer Blog

Building with Beer is MillerCoors’s approach and selling method to drive category growth across each class of trade.  It comes to life in publications, presentations, and selling aps with our sales teams, distributor network and retailers.  This blog, the newest addition to Building with Beer, is focused on understanding the shopper and retailer insights that drive category growth specifically in C-Stores.  Each month we will share new category insights that will help you grow your business. 

The foundation of Building with Beer® starts with the most up-to-date, solid facts and insights. Since 2010, we’ve analyzed 800 million c-store transactions, conducted more than 6,100 shopper exit intercepts, studied more than 2.9 million in-store visitors and 52 million c-store baskets nationwide with VideoMining, and talked with c-store shoppers across the country in focus groups. Through our partnership with NACS, we studied 8,000 shoppers in the Annual Convenience Tracking Program, as well as firms representing 18,517 stores in the State of the Industry report to fuel our thinking.

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