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Giving Power to Your Best Customers: Your Employees

Workforce management technology gives associates control over their jobs, leading to higher retention rates.
Melissa Kress
Executive Editor
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workforce management technology

So much of today's retail technologies are rolled out with the customer in mind. For instance, a new mobile app is a way to attract and retain tech-savvy customers whose cellphone is an extension of their hands, while online/mobile ordering is a way to build loyalty with time-crunched customers who don't have the time — or even the desire — to wait in line at the foodservice counter.

But there are key customers that should not be overlooked: your employees. While workforce management technology (WFM) may not come with the glitter and glamour of a new website or app, it is an important tool for any convenience retailer to have in their toolbox.

As Sanish Mondkar, founder of Legion, a workforce management technology provider based in Redwood City, Calif., pointed out, the labor issue is not a temporary situation in the channel.

WFM technology spans everything from safety-related technology to forecasting technology, employee self-service, task management, and training. Not only do these tools benefit the retailer, but they also empower the employees, which leads to higher job satisfaction and retainment.

And what better customers can you have than employees who are happy to be in your stores? 

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