Seizing the Opportunity Around the Future of Mobility

Parkland Corp. is preparing to become a destination for electric vehicle drivers.
Cars parked in Parkland's EV charging concept

Convenience store retailers have long rolled with the punches when it comes to also being a fuel retailer. As the motoring population increased, the channel's operators saw the benefit of adding full-service gas stations to their sites. They pivoted again when self-service gas began to catch on in the 1960s and 1970s — well in most states, anyway. (We're looking at you, New Jersey and Oregon.)

So, why then have c-store retailers been so hesitant to welcome the next phase of mobility, the electric vehicle (EV)? Sure, some c-store chains are adding EV chargers to their sites. But not many are fully embracing the EV future like Parkland Corp. Last fall, the Calgary-based parent company of Parkland USA joined with Electric Autonomy Canada to ask architects and designers to submit what they think "The Electric Fueling Station of the Future" will look like.

Now, with the winning design on the drawing board, Parkland is ready to make its convenience stores the EV charging destination for years to come. The company realizes the number of electric vehicles on the road is still relatively low, but it refuses to ignore the opportunity the future of mobility represents.

Remember, the early bird gets the worm — or in this case, the EV driver.

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