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Digital Engagement Isn't Just for Big Chains

One 70-store retailer proves you don't need large-chain resources to succeed with loyalty.

When it comes to technology and rolling out new initiatives, many assume the winners will be large chains that have the resources and money to invest. However, MFA Oil's Break Time convenience store chain, which operates 70 stores in Missouri, is proving that thought process wrong.

Break Time rolled out its MyTime Rewards loyalty program, with the help of Paytronix, in 2016. The digital solution replaced the chain's previous paper punch card system and now offers customers a more contemporary way to earn rewards for purchases. It also gives Break Time another way to build its brand and relationship with its customers via more strategic offers and relevant messages.

Loyalty programs are an efficient tool for building new fans of the brand, but Break Time goes further in its efforts to connect with previous, and perhaps lapsed, loyalty members while driving increased store visits. The retailer's approach is a tiered loyalty program where less frequent customers can see benefits to membership while they are incentivized to "tier up" for more robust rewards. 

And on top of luring infrequent customers back to the store, Break Time is luring infrequent category shoppers back to that category through specialized discounts. As a result, 50 percent of those specific guests come back and purchase the item again after receiving the discount.

With fairly simple offers and messages, retailers can entice a customer to come in twice a week instead of once a week. Break Time proves that with a little work and a little creativity, you don't need to be a large chain with large-chain resources to use technology to boost your brand and bottom line. 

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