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Lightening the Load of the Small Operator

Performance Food Group's Top Off Rewards program targets independent operators.
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The majority of the convenience story industry is comprised of small operators. Whether they run just one store or 20, small operators are an integral part of the convenience channel and in many areas, they are an integral part of their community — perhaps even, the only c-store game in town.

However, small operators may often feel overlooked when it comes to conversations with key c-store suppliers, and overworked when it comes to everything else. That is something Performance Food Group (PFG), the parent company of Eby-Brown Co. LLC and Core-Mark Holding Co. Inc., aims to change.

The Richmond, Va.-based company has partnered with PDI to develop a new loyalty program with an app specifically designed with the single store in mind. The Top Off Rewards program targets independent operators with less than 20 c-stores and unlike a loyalty program that treats branded stores interchangeably, the Top Off Rewards program ties specific rewards with specific locations.

More importantly, rewards are funded and rebated through vendors, taking the negotiation process off retailers' to-do list. The program also offers the opportunity to launch club programs, such as buy five coffees, get one free. 

The small operator wears many hats. Taking one off doesn't sound too bad.

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