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Out of Order Is Not an Option When It Comes to Technology

Like all team members, technology needs care.
Melissa Kress
Executive Editor
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An out of order sign

On Monday, I did something stupid but necessary. I went to the grocery store. Yes, I thought three days before Thanksgiving would be the perfect time to make my weekly trip. In my defense, I use the handheld scan-and-go checkout solution, so I do not have to stand in line behind several customers with full shopping carts. I scan my handheld scanner at the self-checkout, pay and go. How bad could it be? 

In theory, not bad at all. In reality, something quite different as I came to find that the scan-and-go checkout solution was out of order. Three days before what is arguably the biggest food holiday in the United States and it was down. 

Technology is a necessary tool for running a retail business. It can also be a great tool for providing convenience to your customers. However, if the technology they've come to expect is not working, it is the very opposite of convenient. 

Like any team member, technology needs care. Regular maintenance and monitoring come to mind. Think of in-store operations. What good is a foodservice program if the ovens don't work? What happens to refrigerated merchandise if the cooler temperature is too high? 

Now, think of it from the customer side. If your rewards program is acting wonky, how can they use or add to their points? If you have three electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, but two have out-of-order signs on them, where do you think that EV  motorist is going to go? To your competitor down the street. 

As I mentioned before, technology is a great tool, but only if it's working — whether it is three days before a major holiday or a random Tuesday in July. 

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