An Inside Look at the 2020 Best New Products Awards Winners


NATIONAL REPORT — From among nearly 100 entries, consumer judges chose 38 products new to convenience store shelves for recognition in the 2020 Convenience Store News Best New Products Awards competition.  

Now in its 24th year, the Best New Products Awards program recognizes the marketers that introduced the most innovative, high-quality products that meet consumers' evolving needs and fit a convenience store's value proposition. 

Entries were rated and awarded points by consumers based on the criteria of taste, value, convenience, healthfulness, ingredients, preparation requirements, appearance and packaging. Judging was supervised and tallied by Past Times Marketing, a New York-based consumer research and product-testing firm.

The 2020 Best New Products Awards winners are:

Alternative Snacks/Bars
ONE Peanut Butter Cup, ONE Brands

Alternative Snacks/Meat Snacks
Old Trapper Old Fashioned Beef Jerky Big Bag, Old Trapper

Alternative Snacks/Other
Big John's Pickled Eggs, Red Smith Foods Inc.

Blue Moon LightSky Citrus Wheat, Molson Coors Beverage Co.

Forth CBD Soft Chews, E-Alternative Solutions

KIT KAT Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate, The Hershey Co.

REV Energy Gum — Peppermint, Rev Gum

Starburst Swirlers — Cherry-Lemon, Mars Inc.

Candy/Novelty & Seasonal
Sour Punch Straws — Grape, American Licorice Co.

Dairy Products
Frigo Cheese Heads 2-Pack Combo, Saputo Cheese USA Inc.

Deli Products
Van's Kitchen 4-Pack Egg Rolls — Vegetable, Van's Kitchen

Edible Grocery
Del Monte Fruit Crunch Parfait — Blueberry, Del Monte Foods

Flavored Malt Beverages
Mighty Swell Cherry Lime, Mighty Swell

Donut Hole Thaw and Serve Glazed Apple Filled Fritter, Baker Boy

Southwest Muffin Sandwich, Orion Land Mark

Keto Vanilla Bean Syrup with MCT, Jordan's Skinny Mixes/GoodWest Industries

Foodservice/Dinner & Home Meal Replacement
Ready-to-Stretch Sheeted Pizza Dough, Rich Products

Ultimate Jalapeño Cheddar Sausage, Johnsonville

Frozen Foods
Caulipower Riced Cauliflower — Baja Style, Caulipower

Frozen Novelties
TWIX Cookies & Creme Ice Cream Bars, Mars Inc.

General Merchandise
Scripto Hybrid Lighter, Calico Brands Inc.

Health & Beauty Care
Tums Chewy Bites Mixed Berry, Convenience Valet

Healthy Snacks
CLIF Coffee Collection Dark Chocolate Mocha Energy Bars, CLIF Bar

Other Tobacco Products/Cigars
White Owl Blackberry Mojito Limited Edition, Swedish Match

Other Tobacco Products/Electronic Cigarettes & Vapor Products
Legal Lean Disposable Grape Pod Device, Legal Lean

Other Tobacco Products/Smokeless
Velo Nicotine Lozenges, R.J. Reynolds Vapor Products

Packaged Beverages/Carbonated Soft Drinks
Sparkling Ice Cherry Vanilla +Caffeine, Sparkling Ice

Packaged Beverages/Energy Drinks
AMIN.O Energy Sparkling + Electrolytes — Mango Pineapple Limeade, Glanbia Performance Nutrition NA

Packaged Beverages/Juice Drinks
OKF Watermelon with Aloe, OKF Aloe Vera King

Packaged Beverages/RTD Coffee
Black Rifle Coffee Co. Espresso with Cream, Black Rifle Coffee Co.

Packaged Beverages/RTD Iced Tea
INOTEA Bubble Tea — Honeydew, DD&B Solutions LLC

Packaged Beverages/Sports Drinks
Powerade Ultra, The Coca-Cola Co.

Packaged Beverages/Other
AHA Sparkling Water — Orange + Grapefruit, The Coca-Cola Co.

Packaged Sweet Snacks
Down Home Delights Chocolate Almond Coconut Dessert Bar, Prairie City Bakery

Salty Snacks/Mixed
Chex Mix MAX'D — Spicy Dill, General Mills

Salty Snacks/Nuts & Seeds
Wonderful Pistachios No Shells Honey Roasted, The Wonderful Co.

Uptown Wine Cocktails — Chocolatini, Southern Champion

Overall Innovation
Fry Baby Clear, Anchor Packaging